Bitter Creek Betty

On the 1st of March, 1992, the body of a naked female was found in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. It is believed that her body had been at the location around a month before she was discovered, but because of the cold weather, her body was well preserved.

She was between 24 and 32 years old, and between 5″6′ and 5″8′. She had a scar from a caesarean section on her abdomen, and a tattoo of a rose underneath one of her breasts.

Investigators also found a gold necklace and ring, sweatpants, and pink underwear close around the area where she was found.

A tattoo artist came forward and said that he did the tattoo on her. He said that the victim was Hispanic and that she didn’t have a specific accent. He theorised that she was likely a drifter who hitch-hiked throughout the country.

DNA testing would later confirm the possibility of her being from a Hispanic background.

Bitter Creek Betty had died from being stabbed through one of her nostrils, as well as being strangled and beaten most likely at a different location to where her body was found. She had also been sexually assaulted both vaginally and anally before her murder.

DNA was collected from her body, and in May 2020, Clark Perry Baldwin, a long-haul trucker from Iowa, was arrested and charged with her murder, along with the murders of two other women from Wyoming and Tennesse.

Whilst it is great news that her killer has been caught, Bitter Creek Betty deserves to have her identity back. To bring her justice, and to give her family closure.

Do you know who she is?

Bitter Creek Betty. Credit: Victims of Homicide Wiki


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