Jennifer Joyce Kesse

Jennifer Joyce Kesse was born on the 20th of May 1981 in New Jersey, USA. She studied at the University of Central Florida, and in 2003 she graduated with a degree in finance.

In January 2006, Jennifer was working as a finance manager at Central Florida Investments Timeshare Company in Ocoee, Florida.

On the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of January 2006, Jennifer and her boyfriend spent the weekend on holiday in Saint Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Isles.

They returned home on Sunday the 22nd of January, and Jennifer stayed at her boyfriend’s house that night.

On the morning of Monday, 23rd January, Jennifer headed straight from her boyfriend’s home to work.

At 6pm that evening, Jennifer left work and called her parents. She arrived home safely, and at around 10pm that same evening, she called her boyfriend to say goodnight.

This was the last time anyone would hear from Jennifer.

Jennifer Kesse. Credit:

Between 8:00am and 9:00am, Jennifer’s boyfriend tries to call her on the way to work as he would usually have heard from her by then, but her phone goes straight to voicemail. He marks it down to a meeting that she mentioned. He did try to call her a few other times, but each attempt went straight to voicemail.

Within the same hour, Jennifer’s parents were informed that she had not shown up to work that day. They informed her boyfriend.

At 11:00am, Jennifer’s employer contacts her parents again to say that she still had not turned up at work that day. Jennifer’s parents begin driving from Tampa to Orlando. Her parents contact the manager of the condominium that she owned in Orlando and ask the manager to check the apartment she had. The manager says that everything inside of the apartment looked normal and that her car was not parked outside.

Between 3:00-3:15pm, Jennifer’s parents and her brother arrive at her apartment. They find evidence that Jennifer had been home that morning, so they contact the police.

That evening, her family started distributing flyers in the area with her photo on them, and police start searching her apartment.

Authorities have theorised that Jennifer was abducted between leaving her apartment and getting into her car, as there were no signs of forced entry at her apartment and no evidence that anyone besides Jennifer had been at her apartment that morning.

On Thursday, the 26th of January, just two days after Jennifer had been reported missing, her abandoned car was found parked at another apartment building just a mile away from her own apartment. Investigators found that there were several hidden security cameras in the parking lot where Jennifer’s car had been found.

After reviewing the footage, investigators identified a “person of interest” who dropped off Jennifer’s car at the parking lot at around 12pm on the day she disappeared. Unfortunately, whilst investigators were able to get photos of this person, the fencing from the apartment building obscured their face in every shot.

The image of the person of interest. Credit: CBS News

None of Jennifer’s family or friends recognised this person, and the lack of being able to make out any distinctive physical features makes it incredibly hard to identify this person. The FBI did analyse this video and managed to put the suspect at around 5″3′ and 5″5′. They were not able to determine the gender of the person.

Jennifer’s car was forensically examined, but all that was found was a fingerprint and a small DNA fibre. They suspect that her car had been wiped down. As some of Jennifer’s valuables had been left in the car, investigators were fairly certain that this wasn’t a robbery.

The items that are known to be missing are her mobile phone, her iPod, her briefcase and the clothes she was wearing. Attempts to try to ping her mobile phone have been unsuccessful, as her phone has been switched off the whole time. None of Jennifer’s bank accounts has been used since.

Investigators interviewed Jennifer’s close friends and family, to see if they knew anyone that was capable of hurting Jennifer. Jennifer’s boyfriend had a solid alibi and was ruled out as a suspect, as was her ex-boyfriend who had recently been trying to get back with her.

Her apartment at the condominium in Orlando had been undergoing major work at the time of her disappearance, and Jennifer had told several family members that the workers had been catcalling and harassing her. Due to a language barrier, detectives were unable to interview most of the workers. No other leads or investigations into the workers were found.

Jennifer’s work computer was also taken for forensic examination, from which detectives learnt that a manager at her workplace wanted a relationship with Jennifer, but that she denied him because she was uncomfortable with workplace relations. The manager was interviewed multiple times but was ultimately ruled out as a suspect.

Jennifer’s family and authorities are open to the theory that she may have fallen victim to human trafficking but think that other possibilities are more likely.

As of June the 10th, 2010, the FBI are the lead investigator in this case. They are actively searching and pursuing any leads that come in.

If you have any information regarding Jennifer’s disappearance or the person of interest, submit a tip to the FBI here.

Jennifer Kesse. Credit: News 13


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