Georgann Hawkins

Georgann Hawkins was born on the 20th of August 1955, to parents Edith and Warren B. Hawkins, in Tacoma, Washington. She has been described as someone who had lots of friends and was loved by everyone.

In June 1974, Georgann was studying at the University of Washington in Seattle. She was part of the on-campus sorority Kappa Alpha Theta and was thinking about majoring in broadcast journalism.

On the night of the 10th of June, 1974, Georgann attended a party with a sorority sister on campus. The two had a few drinks, but Georgann did not stay long at the party as she wanted to study for her upcoming Spanish exam.

Georgann left the party and walked around ninety (90) feet to her boyfriend’s, Marvin Gellatly, fraternity house to pick up revision notes for her Spanish exam, and to say goodnight to Marvin. She arrived there at around 12:30am and is known to have stayed in his company for around 30 minutes.

After saying goodnight and getting the revision notes, Georgann started to walk back to her own sorority. Unfortunately, she never made it back.

Georgann Hawkins. Credit: Wikipedia

As Georgann had lost her key to the house, her roommate Dee Nichols sat up waiting for her to return so she could open the door. However, when Georgann had not returned by 3am, Dee informed the sorority house mother.

By 7:45am, police were already on campus investigating and looking for Georgann. At the time, there had been a string of missing girls across Washington, and because Georgann had the same likeness as the other girls (beautiful, smart, and with long brown hair that parted in the middle), police took her case very seriously.

After a thorough search of the alleyway Georgann walked down, police turned up with no evidence.

A search of her room also led police to believe that she disappeared unwillingly, as all of her items except the clothes she was wearing and the few items she had in her purse, were all accounted for. To add to this, a roommate of Georgann’s told police: “Georgeann never went anyplace without leaving me the phone number where she’d be. I know she intended to come back here last night. She had one more exam then she was leaving to go home for the summer on the thirteenth.”

Although they had no evidence or leads, police believed that Georgann’s disappearance was connected to the string of other missing women, and believed that it was either the same person or group of people, responsible.

Georgann Hawkins. Credit: IMDB

In 1989, serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to detective Robert Keppel that he was responsible for Georgann’s kidnapping and murder.

Bundy said that he approached Georgann in the alleyway, limping along on crutches. He then dropped his briefcase as a ruse to get Georgann to help him, which she did. As Georgann bent down to pick up the briefcase, Bundy knocked Georgann out with a blow to the head with a crowbar. He then pushed Georgann into his car and sped off.

Whilst driving, Bundy claimed that Georgann regained consciousness and started talking about her Spanish test, as she believed he had taken her to study for her exam. Bundy then knocked her unconscious again with another blow to her head with the crowbar.

Once they had reached the secluded location, close to Lake Sammamish, Bundy took an unconscious Georgann out of his car and strangled her to death with an old piece of rope. Bundy then claimed to have severed her head when he returned three days later and buried it in the woods nearby.

There is also an unconfirmed statement that Bundy told police that an unidentified femur bone they had found belonged to Georgann.

Authorities searched the area where Bundy claims to have buried Georgann, but after several days of searching, they found no body or remains.

Whilst it is widely accepted that Georgann fell victim to Ted Bundy, as her body has never been found, she is still listed as a missing person.

Georgann Hawkins. Credit: Wikipedia


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