Pamela Andrews

Pamela Andrews was born on the 7th of October 1950 and grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Later in life, Pamela moved to Baltimore, where she attended community college and received her associate’s degree. Pamela then returned to Florida, and attended the University of North Florida and studied journalism.

Pamela has been described as “a vibrant, complex, articulate world traveller.”

On the 17th December 1984, Pamela’s body was discovered by a can-collector behind the YMCA on Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville. Pamela had been strangled to death.

Sadly, there is no more information available on Pamela’s case. Her case has never been solved, and no suspects have ever been questioned or arrested in connection with her murder.

Speaking to Project: Cold Case, Pamela’s sister, Vivian Andrews, said this about her sister’s murderer: “Whoever it was, wherever they are, they have to make their peace the heart.”

“I’ll sum it up in the name she gave herself, Nneka Ayanna.” Says Vivian, Pamela’s sister. “It means ‘tender joy.’ That’s my tender joy, for life. Every morning, I have a dose of tender joy.”

Pamela Andrews. Credit: Project Cold Case


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