Tammy (Tamera) Russell Kingery

Tammy Kingery worked as a nurse in an NHC Healthcare Nursing Home and lived in North Augusta, South Carolina, with her husband Park Kingery, and their three children.

On the morning of the 20th of September, 2014, Tammy went to work as usual for her shift that started at 7am. When she arrived at work, her coworkers said that she was acting agitated about something, and raising her voice in conversations which was very unusual for her.

Tammy checked her own blood pressure four times, each time finding it to be high. Her coworkers asked her to calm down as her agitated mood was keeping her heart rate high.

Shortly after arriving at work, Tammy called her husband to say that she was feeling lightheaded and that she wanted to come home. Park then arrived at work to pick her up, since Tammy did not feel up to driving she left her car at work. When Tammy got home, she changed into her pyjamas and laid down to take a nap.

At around 10am that morning, Park left the home with his two sons to go and run some errands. Their daughter stayed at the house with a friend who stayed over the night before.

Tammy Kingery. Credit: Disappereadblog.com

Park dropped off his eldest son at his mother’s house and then proceeded to take the youngest son into several stores to run errands, all of which can be seen on security footage.

When Park returned from running errands, he found the family’s dog outside and the doors locked. Inside the house, he found a note from Tammy that read: “Gone for a walk. Be back soon. Love you.”

Tammy’s purse, wallet, mobile phone and keys were still inside the house. It was originally thought that Tammy had taken a Hard Rock Cafe backpack with her, but this was later proved to be incorrect as the backpack had been sold the week prior to her disappearance.

As soon as Park saw the note, he knew something was wrong.

Park’s first thought was that Tammy had gone back to her work to retrieve her car, so he decided to drive the route that she would have taken but did not see anything. He then called his daughter and told her to get into a car with her friend’s mother to search for Tammy as well.

When Park returned home, he and his two sons searched the thick woods that surrounded their home, but they found no trace of Tammy.

At 2pm, the police were called.

Tammy Kingery. Credit: Wikipedia

Police searched the house for any signs that a crime might have been committed, but they found no evidence of any crime. Search dogs were given the scent of Tammy through her nurse scrubs that she wore that morning, but they were unable to find any trail leading anywhere.

The search quickly incorporated a helicopter, and search teams began going through a hiking trail near Interstate 20 where Tammy had gone hiking in the past.

A notice put out informing the public of her disappearance had brought in sightings in the Central Savannah River Area of South Carolina and Georgia, around North Augusta, of a white female walking along the interstate in Columbia County, Georgia, which is 30 miles (48 km) to the west of Tammy’s home.

Sadly, by nighttime, Tammy had not been found – neither had any clues to her disappearance.

Weeks after her disappearance, a search party that was organised by Tammy’s husband, Park, discovered an abandoned wooden shack that was in an area that was thick and dense. Inside the abandoned shack, they found sponges, gloves, and a plastic bag that contained a dead dog.

Many volunteers believe that the dead dog was a link to Tammy’s case, however, the police have said that they checked the wooden shack on their original search and that its contents do not have any connection to Tammy’s case.

Some volunteers have said that even if it had nothing to do with Tammy’s disappearance, someone put a lot of effort to put that dead dog in the shack, and it could mean that there were potentially dangerous people in the area close to Tammy’s home.

Tammy. Credit: WJBF.com

Initially, police had kept Tammy’s depression out of the public light. They listed her as ‘endangered’, but would not expand on that statement.

However, by late September, Tammy’s husband Park had made it public information that Tammy was suffering from depression, with the hopes that people would recognise the urgency of her condition and help to find her.

Police investigated Tammy’s phone to see if there were any clues or evidence on there as to what may have happened to her, but the only thing they found were two text messages described as being “romantic” to two men (not Park) that had been deleted before Tammy vanished.

Police did interview the two men, but they do not believe they had anything to do with Tammy’s disappearance.

The circumstances surrounding Tammy’s disappearance confused her family and friends.

They told reporters that it was very unlike Tammy to go for walks in the woods around her house, and when she did go for walks she would normally drive into town for better walking routes.

They also found it unusual that she left a note, saying that Tammy would usually keep in touch with friends and family through text messages.

Another question that arises is the door being locked when Park and his sons returned. The door can only be locked from the outside, and with Tammy’s keys found inside, who could’ve locked the door?

A week after Tammy was reported missing, the police officially stated that there were ‘suspicious circumstances in her case, and Tammy’s family believe this to be true.

The question that ponders the mind of both Tammy’s family and the police alike is; what happened to Tammy?

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Tammy, please contact the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office at 803-637-7153.

Tammy Kingery. Credit:disappearedblog.com


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