Maureen Leianuhea Kelly

On the 9th of June, 2013, Maureen Kelly, originally from Vancouver, Washington, and a few of her friends decided to go camping at the Canyon Creek Campground, which is found inside of the Gifford Pinchot National Forest, close to Cougar, Washington.

At around 5pm that evening, the 9th of June 2013, Maureen told her friends she was going on a “spiritual quest” and that she would return by midnight. Maureen took off all of her clothes, and just wore a fanny pack around her waist which contained some knives, matches, and a compass.

Whilst her friends say it was unusual for her to do this, they say that Maureen had been talking about going on a “spiritual quest” for some time before and that she was not on any drugs as far as they were aware.

When Maureen did not return back to her friends by midnight, they contacted the police.

The Skamania County Sheriff’s Department underwent a one week search for Maureen, but this gave them no results. K9 units were able to determine that Maureen crossed Canyon Creek and headed north, towards Forest Service 54, but the trail grew cold after that.

Unfortunately, the weather interfered with the search. Thick clouds meant that no air searches could be conducted, limiting the searches to foot only.

As of today, no sign of Maureen has ever been found, nor has she ever been seen since. Did she simply die in the wilderness, or did something more sinister happen to her?

Maureen Kelly. Credit: Listen Notes


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