Summer Moon-Utah Wells

Five-year-old Summer Wells was last seen early evening, June 15th 2021, in Rogersville, Tennessee. She had been planting flowers in the garden with her mother, Candus, and her grandmother, who is also called Candus. Summer then left to go inside of the house and told her brothers that she was going to her bedroom, which was in the basement, to play with her toys.

Summer went into the basement and has not been seen since.

Police were immediately called, and an Amber Alert was issued for her. Despite numerous searches, police have not found any search of Summer. Although sniffer dogs did pick up a scent of Summer from the woods behind the house, sadly the scent was lost shortly after.

Summer’s parents believe that Summer had been abducted by someone using the outside door in the basement, however, many people suspect that Summer’s parents played a role in her disappearance.

One of the reasons people think that Summer’s parents are involved is due to an appearance they made on the Dr Phil show to try and clear their names. However, when Candus, Summer’s mum, was asked about the local “cornbread mafia” (a group of individuals who traffic marijuana), she walked off the show and ended the interview.

At this time, police are still no closer to finding Summer than they were in June, however they assure the public that Summer’s case is not going cold, and they are investigating every possible lead.

If you, or someone you know, has information regarding Summer’s disappearance or knows where Summer is, please contact the police immediately. Contact details are below:

Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office: (423) 272-7121 or the Tennessee Beaurau of Investigation: 1-800-TBI-FIND

Summer Wells Missing Poster


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