St. Louis Jane Doe

On February the 28th, 1983, two looters entered an abandoned Victorian house on 5635 Clemens Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri. In the basement of the abandoned house, they found the headless body of an African-American child.

The child body was naked, except for a yellow shirt that covered her. She was found lying on her stomach with her hands bound behind her back with a red and white nylon rope.

Law enforcement discovered that she had not been killed at this location, as there was no trace of blood by the body.

The child’s body had been drained of blood, and her stomach was empty at the time of her death. She had died from strangulation. There were also signs that the young girl had been raped.

She was between eight (8) and eleven (11) years old at the time of her death, and around 4ft 10 inches (1.47m) – 5ft 6inches (1.68m). She had not yet been through puberty and was wearing two coats of red nail varnish on her fingers.

Her head had been severed cleanly by a large blade, potentially a carving knife. Her head has never been found.

The yellow V-shaped sweater that the young girl was found wearing was sent to a psychic in Florida by law enforcement, but it has never been returned and is thought to have been lost in the mail.

In 2013, her remains were exhumed to undergo more forensic tests. Isotope tests on samples of her bones were taken to determine the area the young girl might have lived. The tests concluded that the young girl might have lived in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Tennessee, or North or South Carolina.

However, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children lists states such as Pennslyvania, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, or West Virginia.

The child is laid to rest at the Calvary Cemetery in the Garden of Innocents, a section of the cemetery designated to unidentified people.

The shirt the victim was wearing, and the nylon ties used to bound her hands. Credit: Reddit


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5 responses to “St. Louis Jane Doe”

  1. Please watch my Documentary on tis case and tell me what you think.


    1. I’d be happy to! What is your documentary called?


  2. Its Called “OUR PRECIOUS HOPE: ST. Louis’ Baby Jane Doe.’ its on ROKU and YOUTUBE,


  3. Let me know what you think, and if you like it please share.


    1. Thank you for sharing. I will have a watch this evening and let you know, but I’m sure it will be very informative. Thank you for sharing, and for caring about this poor girls story.


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