Andrew Gosden

Andrew Gosden, born 10th of July 1993, lived in Balby, Doncaster, UK. He lived with his parents and sister and was described as being a “home bird” who rarely left the house.

Andrew had perfect attendance at his school, The McAuley Catholic High School, and he had been expected to achieve straight A’s in his upcoming GCSEs. He was also described as being a prize-winning mathematician who was destined to study at Cambridge University.

Whilst Andrew’s parents were strict Anglican Christians, they never baptised or forced their religion upon their children, and by September 2007, Andrew had not attended church in 18 months.

Andrew Gosden.

On the 14th of September 2007, Andrew had trouble waking up and was very irritable. His mother said that this was unusual for him, as he was usually awake on time. At 8:05am, Andrew left his home in his school uniform and was seen by a family friend walking across the local park.

However, instead of getting on the school bus, Andrew went to a local garage to withdraw £200 in cash, which was almost all of the money in his account. Andrew then returned home.

At home, Andrew changed out of his school uniform and into more casual clothes, a black Slipknot t-shirt and black jeans, and took a bag that had been covered in pictures of rock and metal bands. Andrew also took his wallet, keys and Playstation Portable console, but he didn’t take the charger for his console. He did not take his passport.

At 8:30am, Andrew left his home and walked to Doncaster railway station and purchased a one-way ticket to London, at the price of £31.40. The ticket seller explained to the police that she told Andrew a return ticket was only £0.50 more, but he insisted on a one-way ticket.

At 9:35am, Andrew boarded a train to Kings Cross Station. Another passenger that saw him, said that he was very quiet and engaged in his video game.

At 11:20am, Andrew arrived at Kings Cross Station. The photo below is Andrew, captured by the CCTV at Kings Cross Station. This is the last confirmed sighting of him.

Last confirmed sighting of Andrew. Credit: The Times

When Andrew had not turned up for morning classes, his school tried to contact his parents. They called and left a voicemail for Andrew’s parents, explaining that he was not at school, but it was later found that the school dialled the wrong number.

Andrew’s parents returned home from work and had dinner with a family friend. Initially, they thought that Andrew was in his room playing computer games. When they discovered that he wasn’t there, his parents called the parents of Andrew’s friends to see if he was with them. They were shocked to discover that he wasn’t with his friends, and even more shocked to find out that he hadn’t been at school that day.

At 7pm, the police were called.

Andrew’s family continued to search the areas where he would have walked to school, and the areas surrounding them, but they never found any evidence.

By 10pm that night, missing posters had already been made and were beginning to enter circulation.

Three days after Andrew was reported missing, police and his family discovered that he had travelled to London. Andrew’s father said it wasn’t unusual for Andrew to purchase a one-way ticket to London as he knew a few people in London who he could have stayed with.

The Chislehurst and Sidcup areas were the primary areas of the initial investigation and search, as the family had relatives and friends who lived in these areas. These searches brought up no results.

Police and investigators decided to look into the theory that Andrew had been talking to someone online, and had gone to meet them that day. However, after thoroughly investigating this idea, police found nothing to indicate that Andrew had not been talking to anyone or had any plans to go and meet someone.

As Andrew was a fan of rock music, the police also thought he may have gone to London to see a band who were playing that night. Bands Thirty Seconds to Mars, SikTH, and HIM were all playing shows in London around the time of Andrew’s disappearance. Despite police working together with the bands and venues, no evidence of Andrew having attended any of the concerts was ever found.

As of 2021, no trace of Andrew has ever been found. There have been no confirmed sightings of him since the 14th of September 2007, but his investigation remains open and active. Police urge anyone with information to come forward.

Andrew is age-progressed to 26 years old. Credit: Sky News

Update: On the 11th of January 2022, it was announced that two men have been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and human trafficking in relation to Andrew’s case.

One 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnap, trafficking and possession of indecent images. The other 38 year old man was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and trafficking. Both men have been released under investigation.

Police ask members of the public to respect Andrew’s family’s privacy at this time and say that they continue to work through this inquiry of the investigation.


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