Sharon Lee Gallegos (Little Miss Nobody formerly)

On the 31st of July, 1960, the partially buried body of a young female child was discovered on Sand Wash Creek Bed on Old Alamo Road, Congress, Arizona.

The child was wearing white shorts with a checkered blouse with a distinctive chain pattern, and a pair of adult rubber thong sandals that had been cut to fit her feet and fastened with later straps. Her fingernails and toenails had also been painted red.

At the scene, investigators noticed that whoever buried the child had made two attempts to dig graves for her body, which were shown by two disturbances close to the actual burial site. Investigators also found a blood-stained pocket knife close to the body, but they are not sure if the knife has any relation to the crime scene.

The forensic pathologist has said that the girls’ race was undeterminable and that she was between 3-6 years old when she died. The child had been dead between one to two weeks before being found, and she had brown hair that had possibly been dyed or tinted to auburn colour. She also had a full set of milk teeth that were in good condition.

The specific cause of death for the child has never been determined, but it has been ruled a homicide. Her remains were also charred, presumed from her body being set alight at the time of her death. The child had also not suffered any bone fractures either at the time of her death or throughout her lifetime.

The sandals the child was found wearing. Credit: Wikipedia.

The Police worked tirelessly to identify the young girl. They worked closely with the media and interviewed anyone who had known offences against young children. Any letter, phone call or telegram that was related to the identity of the young girl was investigated thoroughly.

Despite numerous tips and information, and sharing her description on the local and national news, efforts to identify the young girl were met with a dead end.

In August 1960, investigators started to believe that the body could belong to missing four-year-old Sharon Lee Gallegos. Sharon had been abducted from New Mexico just ten (10) days before the body was found, and whilst the clothing did not match what Sharon was last wearing, police couldn’t rule out the clothing being changed in the days she was missing.

However, the police later announced that they believed the body of the young child was older than Sharon. Sharon still remains a missing person.

The young girl had locally become known as “Little Miss Nobody”, and on the 10th August 1960, she received a Christian funeral and was buried at Mountain View Cemetery. Over seventy (70) people attended her funeral and a headstone is inscribed with the quote: “Blessed are the Pure in Heart”

In 2018, her body was exhumed to obtain a DNA sample. Her DNA has been entered into the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children systems for comparison with unsolved murders and missing children nationwide.

The University of North Texas Center for Human Identification has also created a facial reconstruction of the girl, depicting how she may have looked before her death.

Reconstruction of the Little Miss Nobody.

On the 15th of March 2022, Little Miss Nobody was finally identified. Her name was Sharon Lee Gallegos, and she was originally from New Mexico. Sharon had originally been ruled out as being the young girl, with police believing that the body of the girl was older than Sharon, but DNA testing has confirmed that it was Sharon.

Sharon had been abducted whilst she was playing outside her grandmother’s home in New Mexico just ten days before her body was found. She was offered candy and clothing from a man and woman if she would get in the car with them. When Sharon refused, the couple dragged her into the car and then fled the scene.

The man is described as being a thing a caucasian man with a long nose and straight sandy coloured hair. The woman is described as having dirty blonde hair and glasses, she was short and overweight. The woman is said to have been in her thirties. A woman matching this description was reported by witnesses to have been hanging around the neighbourhood, asking questions about Sharon’s family and her home.

The car they drove was possibly a 1951 or 1952 Dodge or Plymouth.

Despite Sharon’s identity finally being recovered, police have named any suspects in relation to her case.

Sharon Lee Gallegos. Credit: International Missing Persons Wiki


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