Daisy Mae Tallman

Daisy Mae Tallman, 29 years old, was last seen on the 30th August 1987, in Toppenish, Washington. She lived with her sister and would often travel between White Swan, Washington and the Warm Springs Reservation in Oregon.

At the time of her disappearance, Daisy was in a fragile state of mind. Just a year before, Daisy’s beloved grandmother and infant daughter had passed away.

According to her family, Daisy would sometimes be out of sight for a couple of days or weeks at a time. Daisy was capable of surviving by herself in the mountains for weeks at a time, as she knew how to hunt, gather food and fish to find food. Daisy was also very skilled in traditional crafts, such as painting, pipe-making and beading. Due to the fact she was often away from her family, Daisy wasn’t reported missing until the 29th of October – two months after anyone had last seen her.

Daisy Mae Tallman. Credit: The Charley Project

Daisy’s backpack, keys and ring were all found in a remote part of the Yakama Reservation, just north of White Swan, in a place called Soda Springs. Only tribal citizens have access to the Yakama Reservation, and the road access is monitored closely. Daisy was a member of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of Yakama Nation.

Daisy’s family say that she would not have left these items, and authorities believe that foul play was involved in Daisy’s case.

Daisy was declared legally dead in 1997, however, her case still remains open and unsolved.

Daisy Mae Tallman. Credit: The Charley Project


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