Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon

Kris Kremers, aged 21, and Lisanne Froon, aged 22, had both grown up Amersfoort, Netherlands. On the 15h March 2014, the girls arrived in Panama, and on the 29th of March, they arrived in Boquete, a small mountain town in Panama. The girls were staying with a host family whilst volunteering with children, teaching arts and crafts, and learning Spanish.

On the 1st of April 2014, Kris and Lisanne decided to go hiking along the Pianista Trail, a well-travelled trail along the border of Costa Rica. Kris, Lisanne and the hosts family dog, Azul, left at around 11:00am to go and hike the trail.

It is said they were seen eating lunch with two Dutchmen before leaving to hike the trail, but this is unconfirmed.

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon on the morning of their hike. Credit:

Alarm bells started to ring when the families dog, Azul, returned home without the girls. The host family thought it was strange, but thought that they might come back during the night. When the morning arrived and the girls were still nowhere to be found, authorities were informed.

Friends and family stopped receiving Facebook updates, text messages and contact with girls not long after they started to hike the trail.

On April 3rd, local police began aerial searches of the forest and residents started to search the trail by foot.

On April 6th, Kris and Lisanne’s parents arrived in Panama along with search dogs, police and detectives from the Netherlands. They conducted a full-scale search of the forest for ten days, and the parents of the missing girls offered a $30,000 reward for any information leading to their whereabouts.

It wasn’t until ten weeks after Kris and Lisanne disappeared, on June the 14th, that a local woman handed a blue backpack to authorities. She said she had found the backpack on a riverbank near her village of Alto Romero, and that she wasn’t sure if it had been there the day before.

Inside the backpack, police found two pairs of sunglasses, $83 in cash, Lisanne’s passport, a water bottle, Lisanne’s camera, two bras and both Lisanne and Kris’s phones.

Image of the backpack and items found in the backpack. Credit:

Upon searching the girls’ phones, investigators quickly realised that several attempts had been made to dial 112 (the international emergency number) and 911 (the emergency number in Panama). Unfortunately, none of the attempts to get in contact with the emergency services went through due to the lack of mobile phone reception in the area.

Below is a table that shows every time, and date, and an attempt was made to contact authorities.

It is also important to note that police also found that seventy-seven (77) attempts had been made to unlock Kris’s phone using an incorrect PIN.

Date Of Call Kris’s iPhone 4Lisanne’s Samsung Galaxy S III
1st April 20144:39pm – 112 attempt4:51pm – 112 attempt
2nd April 20148:14am – 112 attempt6:58am – 112 attempt
10:52am – 112 attempt
1:50pm – phone signal was checked
(around this time there was an unconfirmed call to 112 and 911 that connected for a few seconds, but this has not been proven.)
4:19pm – phone signal was checked
3rd April 20149:32pm – 911 attempt
11:47am – phone signal was checked
3:59pm – phone signal was checked
7:36am – the phone was turned off after being on the whole night
4th April 201410:16am – phone signal was checked
1:42pm – phone signal was checked
4:50am – the phone signal was checked
5:00am – the phone signal was checked, and then the battery died.
5th April 201410:50am – phone signal was checked
1:37pm – phone signal was checked but incorrect PIN was entered
No activity.
6th April 201410:26am – phone signal was checked but incorrect PIN was entered
1:37pm – phone signal was checked but incorrect PIN was entered
No activity.
11th April 201410:51am – phone signal was checked but incorrect PIN was entered
11:56am – the phone was switched off after being on for 1 hour and 5 minutes, with 22% battery remaining.
No activity.
A table dealing with the call attempts made from Kris and Lisanne’s phones.

But the calls were far from the only discovery police would make.

Officers found a series of photos taken on Lisanne’s camera, taken on April 8th in pitch black. It is widely theorised that the girls used the cameras flash to see where they were going as it was the dead of night, but some of the photos that emerged from the camera are unsettling.

As you can see below, one image shows the back of Kris’s head. Some eagle-eyed enthusiasts have spotted blood at the bottom right, suggesting that Kris suffered from a head injury.

To add to this, police also found that one image, image 509, had been deleted. This photo was taken between the last daylight image and the first nighttime image but has never been recovered.

A photo taken by the girls shows the back of Kris’s head. Credit: Reddit
A photo was taken by the girls of the surrounding area. Credit:

These images led authorities to search an area close to the area where the backpack was discovered.

Kris’s denim shorts were found on top of a rock on the other side of the river. There was a rumour that Kris’s shorts were found neatly folded, however, an image released in 2021 disproves this.

Two months after the shorts were found, close to where the backpack was found, a pelvis bone and a boot with a foot still inside of it were found. In total, thirty-three bones were discovered, scattered around the area.

DNA tests confirmed that, sadly, these bones belonged to Lisanne and Kris. Parts of Lisanne’s bones still had flesh attached to them, whereas Kris’s bones showed signs of being bleached. A forensic anthropologist analysed the bones and said: “there are no marks on the bones at all.”

Whilst both Kris and Lisanne have been confirmed dead, their cause of death is uncertain. Dutch authorities think that the girls fell from a cliff after becoming lost, but internet sleuths have come up with several different theories as to what caused the girls to die in the forest. Some suspect foul play, whilst others agree it was a natural accident.

The most puzzling part of this case is missing image 509, why was it deleted? What does the photo show?

Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon


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