Mary Ann Ruth Switalski

Mary Ann was last seen at 10:15pm in Chicago, Illinois on 15th July 1963. That evening she had attended a carnival with her friends at St. Priscilla’s Catholic Church, but after that, she has never been seen again. At the time of her disappearance, she was 16 years old.

Two days after her disappearance, Mary’s parents received a letter in the mail. The letter was supposedly from Mary Ann, who stated that she was fine and that she would be sending them some money soon. She also said that she was experiencing a “strange but educational experience.”

In the letter, Mary also wrote that she wouldn’t tell anyone where she was because she didn’t want them to “interfere”, and that she knows she might not see her family or friends again, but that she would call them. The letter was written in Mary Ann’s handwriting, but her parents say that it was not written in the style that she would normally write in.

The letter was postmarked Oak Park, Illinois. This was a suburb of Chicago that Mary used to shop at with her family.

Her parents were confused as to why she ran away. They said she was a good student, and they didn’t know of any problems in her life that would have caused her to run away. Mary had just put a deposit down for her senior yearbook and her class ring, and she also worked as a babysitter and had a job at a neighbourhood store. There was nothing prior to her disappearance that indicated she was upset, or in any type of trouble.

The only lead in this investigation is that Mary Ann had joined an organisation that sold magazines door-to-door. By the time the authorities caught up with the organisation, they were en-route to California.

Police questioned the couple who were in charge of the organisation, and both gave conflicting statements about Mary Ann but did admit that they had hired her.

The wife said that Mary had left the group a little while before, whereas the husband said that Mary Ann never left Chicago.

As of 2021, Mary Ann is still considered missing and there have been no new leads in her investigation.

Mary Ann Switalski.
Mary Ann, aged 16.


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