Amy Renee Mihaljevic

In October 1989, Amy Renee Mihaljevic received a phone call from a man, called Frank, who claimed to work with her mother. He said that her mother was going to be promoted, and he wanted to meet with her so that they could pick out something for her mother for the surprise party they were having for her promotion.

On October 27th, 1989, Amy headed to the local mall in the Bay area, Ohio, to meet this man. She was last seen there by a group of school friends, and she was seen talking to an unidentified man. This was the last time anyone saw Amy alive.

Amy Renee Mihajlevic

On February the 8th, 1990, a jogger found the dead body of a young girl around 50 miles away from Bay Village, Ohio. The body was confirmed to be Amy’s.

Amy had died from stab wounds, and she was found in a field.

Amy’s killer has never been identified, but a composite sketch has been made with the hopes that someone will recognise him and come forward with information.

Sketch of the suspect. Credit: The Cinemaholic

This case had gone cold for nearly 30 years when in February 2021, new information came to light.

A woman came forward to the police and said that her ex-boyfriend may have been involved in Amy’s murder.

She said that at the time, she and her ex-boyfriend lived less than two miles from the shopping centre where Amy was abducted from. She also told police that on the night of Amy’s disappearance, her ex-boyfriend didn’t come home, which was highly unusual for him.

There have also been reports that the man failed a polygraph test, and was chosen by a witness at a line-up. The vehicle he owned at the time also matched the description of a vehicle found near the body’s dumpsite.

As he has not been charged, the 64-year old man will remain anonymous for the time being. But with new evidence coming in all the time, this case will hopefully be able to be solved, and Amy’s family will receive justice.

Amy Renee Mihajlevic


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