Kelly / El Dorado Jane Doe

El Dorado Jane Doe is the name given to a woman who was found deceased in Room 121 of the old Whitehall Motel, in El Dorado, Arkansas. She had been shot to death by her boyfriend, James McAlphin. To this day, her true identity is still unknown.

When officers searched her body, they found an identification card with the name “Cheryl Ann Wick” on it. The police reached out to the family to inform them of her death but were surprised when the real Cheryl Ann Wick got in contact with them saying that her identity had been stolen. The real Cheryl said that her social security and identification information had been stolen whilst she was working as a dancer for a company called Party Time. Cheryl denied ever having met Jane Doe.

It was also discovered that her friends knew her as Mercedes and that she was staying with a friend called Andrea Cooksey before her murder. Andrea told police that Mercedes said she used to be a stripper, was from out of town, and had 2 children, one of which was a girl, who were being raised by her mother with whom she didn’t get on.

To other friends, Jane Doe had told them she was in witness protection and that her father was in the mafia. She had even told some people she was wanted for bank robberies on the East Coast.

Police searched and followed every lead that came up, but they could not find any bank robberies that she could be tied to, or any connection to witness protection or the mafia.

One thing the police did note, is that Jane Doe told people that she used to accompany an African American male at truck stops, where she would lure the truck drivers in order to rob them. She said that on one of these occasions the trucker had died, which led investigators to suspect that Jane Doe could have been involved in the 12th November 1988 unsolved murder of trucker Dwayne McCorkendale. However, no definitive ties have been proven.

El Dorado Jane Doe

Jane Doe used a lot of names whilst she was living, and all of which have been ruled out as her real name. She went by names such as Mercedes, Cheryl Ann Wick, Kelly Lee Carr, Kelly Carr, Shannon Wiley, Cheryl Kaufman and Sharon Wiley. She was known to have lived in different states before Arkansas, such as Texas and Louisiana, and it is believed that she was a sex worker.

James McAlphin met Jane Doe in Dallas, Texas. They began a relationship but Jane Doe was often at the hospital due to injuries caused by McAlphin. The pair broke up and Jane Doe moved in with her friend Andrea Cooksey, but McAlphin continued to harass Jane Doe with threatening messages. McAlphin managed to lure Jane Doe to the Whitehall Motel with the offer of money, but instead, it resulted in her death.

Jane Doe had previous relationships before with men known as Tyronne and JD.

James McAlphin was charged with first-degree murder and second-degree battery, but he denied killing Jane Doe and instead said that she shot herself in a suicide attempt and that he had only hit her. The police dismissed this, and McAlphin served most of a 15-year sentence for her death. McAlphin remains in prison today on unrelated convictions.

McAlphin did claim to know who she was, but would only co-operate if the police did something for him. He recently has said he will give up her identity for $4,000 and has shared select information about her past.

According to McAlphin, Jane Doe was on the streets since she was 16 years old, and fell in love with an African-American man who forced her into prostitution in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. Once she was an adult, she began prostituting of her own free will and managed to avoid being trafficked into Mexico by starting a relationship with a pimp called Jeffery “JJ” Davis of Dallas, before running away with a different pimp called Tyronne.

McAlphin also claimed that Jane Doe grew up with the Fort Worth Missing Trio, in a letter he wrote to Huffington Post.

Police have dismissed McAlpin’s claims, stating that he is “unreliable.”

Jane Doe Mug Shot Photos – El Dorado, 1991

Jane Doe had also been arrested a few times before her death. On December 31st, 1990, she was arrested for prostitution at La Casita Motel, Dallas, Texas. She was arrested under the name Cheryl Ann Wick. On January, 26th, 1991 she was arrested in Dallas. February 8th, 1991, she was arrested as Cheryl Ann Wick for public lewdness at the Carousel Motel in Garland, Texas. In May 1991, she was arrested as Cheryl Ann Wick for writing bad checks in El Dorado, Arkansas.

In 2019, authorities were able to track down a second cousin of the victim using genetic genealogy. Her second cousin, who lives in Alabama, said that she didn’t recognise the woman, but that Jane Doe showed great resemblance to other members of the family.

Hopefully one day we will know the real identity of El Dorado Jane Doe.

An unnoted photo of Jane Doe found in her purse

In May 2022, El Dorado Jane Doe has been formally identified as “Kelly”. Kelly was born in 1968 in Virginia to a woman named Brenda and her stepfather. Kelly’s biological father has never been a part of her life, and it is unknown if he even knows about her existence.

Kelly had a normal childhood up until 1971 when her parents divorced. Brenda then remarried a different man who was abusive to Brenda, Kelly, and Kelly’s younger sister. This lasted for 7 years before they divorced. Brenda remarried again, but this tragically ended in 1979 when her husband committed suicide.

Kelly moved around for a while and stayed with her aunt for times as well. In 1990, Kelly moved to Dallas, Texas, where she worked at a KFC alongside being arrested for prostitution. Kelly left Dallas to go to Shreveport, Louisiana before going to El Dorado in early 1991.

At the time of her death, Kelly was just 23 years old.


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