Angela Marie Hammond

Angela Marie Hammond was born on the 9th Febuary, 1971 and at the time of her disapperance she lived in Cliton, Missouri. Angela worked at a local bank, and was also taking classes at Centeral Missouri State University.

April 4th, 1991. Angela had just attended a barbeque with her finance, Rob Shafer. Angela dropped Rob off at his house, and told him she would call him later. Rob was looking after his younger brother that evening, and promised to meet Angela again once his mum was home. Angela dropped Rob off at around 10pm that evening.

A little over an hour later, Angela called Rob from a payphone in the center of Clinton, just seven blocks away from Rob’s house. Whilst on the phone, Angela mentioned to Rob that an older-model green Ford pickup truck had been circling the block a few times. The driver of the truck then exited the vehicle, and went into the phone booth next to Angela. The unknown driver began using a flashlight to look for something, and Angela asked him if he needed to use the phone, to which he replied: “no, I’ll try again in a minute.” Rob and Angela began chatting about different things again, not taking much notice of the man.

Then, all Rob heard was Angela screaming.

Angela Hammond

After hearing Angela scream, Rob raced outside and drove to the payphone. Just as Rob arrived at the payphone, he saw the abductors truck heading in the opposite direction. He heard someone shout “Robbie!” from the truck, and from that instant he knew it was Angela inside the truck.

Rob turned his car around in the street, but as he put his car into reverse he unknowingly damaged the transmission. Depsite this, Rob managed to chase the pick up truck for 2 miles before the transmission broke, and the car stopped working.

As soon as police were made aware of Angela’s abduction, a huge search began to find Angela and her abductor. The Missouri State Police checked hundreds of trucks matching the description given by Rob, but no leads ever came from this.

This truck, with the mural, is similar to the one Angela was abducted in. Credit: Unsolved Mysteries

Police quickly turned their attention to Angela’s finance, Rob. However, after having a polygraph test that indicated he was telling the truth, and two other witnesses coming forward to say that they saw the truck and a suspicious person around 11:30-11:45pm at the payphones that night, Rob was cleared.

Talking to Unsolved Mysteries, Angela’s mother, Marsha Cook, said: “…I’ve known the kid my whole life, and I’ve never doubted for minute that he had anything to do with it.”

Two days after Angela’s dissaperance, police connected her abduction to two other unsolved abductions within an 100 mile radius.

One was Trudy Darby, a 42 year old convenience store worker from Macks Creek, Missouri. She called her son to report a suspicious man wondering outside the store on the 19th January, 1991, but just 10 minutes later when her son arrived, she was gone. Trudy’s body was later found on a riverbank, just ten miles from the store. Trudy had been raped, and shot twice in the head. Thankfully, Trudy’s case did get solved with the conviction of half-brothers Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney.

The other case involved 30 year old Cheryl Kenney, a convenience store worker from Nevada, Missouri. Cheryl vanished after locking up the store on the night of the 27th Febuary, 1991. Her car was found abandoned in the parking lot, and Cheryl has not been seen since. Police believe that Cheryl was also kidnapped.

Investigators suspect that Jesse Rush and Marvin Chaney were involved in Angela and Cheryl’s disappearances, however they have both never been charged in connection to these crimes.

Angela’s abducted is described as being a dirty caucasian man who wears glasses, has a beard and a mustache. He was wearing overalls, and he drove a late 60s to early 70s two-tone model green Ford pickup truck that had a mural of a fish jumping out of water on the back window. A sketch of the man can be seen below.

Sketch of the man suspected of abducting Angela.

Until very recently, Angela’s case had gone cold. But on the 30th Anniversary of her disapperance, 4th April 2021, the Clinton Police Department announced that they were investigating a new theory in her case.

An informant for the police department who helped in a narcotics investigation received a letter that had been made using magazine and newspaper clippings. The letter reads as follows:

Hello No. [redacted], We know who you are no. [redacted]. People like you deserve what you get we know where your foxy daughter is at she will see us soon tell [wife’s name] she has our deepest sympathy in her futher loss Goodby

The letter correctly identified the informant’s court-issued number, along side his first wife’s name. The letter was postmarked on 4th April, 1991 which was the day Angela was abducted. At the time of this letter, the informant, his wife and his daughter, who is also called Angela, were living in Clinton.

It is theorized that Angela Hammond was mistakenly abducted, and the true target was the informant’s daughter, Angela. Police have said that they are investigating this lead as thoroughly as possible.

Authorities have also released that they got an anoynumus phone call from someone who said they had information regarding Angela’s disapperance, and specifically mentioned details regarding the letter. Police urge the caller to call them back.

Angela Hammond Missing Poster

For a not-so-fun fact, Angela’s mother, Marsha Cook, became friends with Janis McCall. Janis’s daughter, Stacy, vanished along with her friend Suzie, and Suzie’s mother Sherill Levitt in a case that would become known as The Springfield Three.


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