John Doe 29

The FBI has asked for help from the public to identify this man, who they have dubbed as “John Doe 29”. The FBI say that he could help solve a child exploitation case.

Several investigators discovered a series of photos showing a young blonde-haired girl being sexually abused. Among the photos, there was an image of John Doe 29 smiling at the camera with the girl, who was wearing Nike Velcro sneakers.

The FBI emphasises that they do not believe John Doe 29 is committing the abuse, and instead want to interview him to help find the girl.

If you recognise the man in the photo below or any other information from the photos, it is vital that you contact the FBI immediately.

You can contact the FBI through their website: Or by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.

John Doe 29
Noticeable items from the background of the photos


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