Adam Arthur Hecht

Adam Arthur Hecht was born on the 6th August 1965 and is the son of famous movie producer Harold Hecht Sr. He lived in Beverly Hills, California, and after graduating from Beverly Hills High School, he went on to become a tennis instructor.

It was the 10th of January, 1989, and Adam and his brother, Harold Hecht, were out at a restaurant eating breakfast. Outside of the restaurant, they met a young homeless man who was apparently blind in one eye. The brothers then went inside the restaurant to have breakfast. A few minutes after, Adam suddenly left their table and went back outside to continue talking to the young homeless man.

When Adam returned to the table, Harold asked what he had been talking about with the homeless man. Adam told him it was nothing, and the brothers continued to eat their breakfast.

Once breakfast was over, the two brothers headed back towards Harold’s car, but Adam had another encounter with the young homeless man. Speaking to Unsolved Mysteries, Harold said: “Just before I got into my car, I looked back. He was talking to this person. I was very surprised.”

The young homeless man eventually gave his name to be Tony, and within just a few weeks of meeting, Adam invited Tony to move into his apartment.

Adam Hecht

The reason why Adam asked Tony to move in with him is still not clear, but Adam’s family say that it was most likely down to his kind heart and his “disillusionment” with his luxury lifestyle. Adam’s mother, Martine, met Tony when Adam brought him round for dinner one night.

I thought ‘My goodness, that’s strange.’ But knowing Adam, the way he is, I really understood it.” Martine said, speaking to Unsolved Mysteries. “Adam seemed to understand Tony, and I was led to believe that Tony was really being very kind to Adam as far as helping him grow up as a person and mature.”

Adam and Tony used to visit a homeless area of Los Angeles, and they would often stay out on the streets at night. Whilst this may sound concerning, Adam’s family were not too worried. Harold, Adam’s brother, told Unsolved Mysteries that Adam’s involvement with homeless people really increased when he met Tony and started to understand their problems.

Adam and Tony also started to take part in mystical rituals invented by Tony, and in one of these rituals, Adam burnt his hand very badly. When Adam’s mother asked him about his burnt hand, Adam simply told her he was “doing a test of endurance.”

On the 10th of June 1989, Harold realised that he hadn’t heard from Adam for a few days. Feeling worried, Harold went over to Adam’s apartment, but when he knocked on the door, only Tony answered. Adam’s car was not in the driveway, and when Harold asked Tony where his brother had gone, Tony “in his strange way” didn’t answer the question or even seem to know.

A few days later, Adam’s mother, Martine, visited his apartment. When she visited the apartment, Tony follows her down a corridor and says “Give us a kiss”. Tony also started to put his arms around Martine, making her feel scared.

After this bizarre interaction with Tony, Adam’s family contacted the Beverly Hills Police Department to file a missing person report for Adam, and to evict Tony from his apartment.

Adam Hecht

July 9th, 1989. Tony was evicted from Adam’s apartment, and he made no effort to avoid the police. Investigators did talk to Tony, but they found no reason to believe that Tony was involved in Adam’s disappearance.

Sometime in August 1989, Adam’s car was found on Beverly Hills street abandoned. Inside the car, the keys were still in the ignition, and Adam’s wallet, credit cards, alongside hundreds of dollars in cash and cheques. There were several parking tickets on the windshield, but other than that there was no other evidence.

Lieutenant Robert Curtis said: “We have no real evidence of any foul play or any criminal involvement. So we’re not handling it as a crime, but strictly as a missing persons case.”

As of 2021, Adam Hetch is still considered missing. His case was featured on an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, which you can watch here.

For a more in-depth look at this case, Lost & Found wrote a detailed post that includes interviews and updates from members of Adam’s family, which you can read here.

Adam Hetch


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