Cindy Song

Cindy Song grew up in South Korea but moved to Virginia, USA, to live with her aunt and uncle, in 1995. After graduating high school, Cindy went on the attend the Pennsylvania State University, where she was majoring in integrative arts, which is a course that combines engineering, communications and science.

Halloween, 2001. Cindy and two of her friends, Lisa Kim and Stacy Paik, got dressed up and went out to party. Cindy was wearing a white tennis skirt, bunny ears and a tail. The bunny ears are similar to the ones in the photo below.

Cindy Song the night before she vanished

The three girls partied until around 2am that morning. They then went to a friends place to play video games and hang out. It was around 4am that Stacy dropped Cindy off at her apartment. Stacy says that she never saw Cindy enter her apartment, but that they waved at each other before Stacy drove off.

This was the last time Cindy was seen.

A few days after Cindy was reported missing, a search of her apartment was conducted. Inside, they found Cindy’s false eyelashes that she had been wearing that night, along with her backpack that she had also been carrying with her. Inside her backpack, the police found Cindy’s mobile phone. Her friends say that she never went anywhere without her phone. From this, we can tell that Cindy must have got into her apartment if only briefly, to drop off those items.

However, Cindy’s bunnet rabbit outfit was nowhere to be found in the apartment, and neither was her purse, pocketbook or wallet/purse that contained her driving licence and credit cards.

Police theorise that Cindy may have left her apartment to head to the nearby 24/7 grocery store, but that something happened to her on her way there. There was no suspicious activity on her email account, credit cards or mobile phone, and friends say it would be “extremely out of character” for Cindy to just leave out of the blue.

A few days after Cindy’s disappearance, in the Chinatown district of Philadelphia, which is just over 200 miles from Cindy’s apartment, a woman matching Cindy’s description was seen “crying, and screaming for help” being forced into a car by an unknown man. Police would like to question the man, but at this time he remains unknown. A sketch of the man in question can be found below.

Sketch of suspect

With no body and no trace of Cindy, this case remains open but still unsolved. Will Cindy ever be found?

Cindy Song


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