Tammy Lynn Akers & Angela Mae Rader

On February 7th, 1977, Tammy and Angela, both 14 years old at the time, were dropped off at William Ruffner Junior High School in Roanoke, Virginia. Neither girl attended a class that day and instead was last seen hitchhiking from the city.

Tammy and Angela were good friends and had actually run away together several times before this – resulting in the police not taking this disappearance as seriously. Sadly, neither Tammy nor Angela has been seen or heard from since the 7th February 1977.

Angela Rader and Tammy Akers

Tammy and Angela’s mothers told police that both girls worked for a man called Earl Conrad Bramblett, who was a friend of their families. Tammy’s mother said that she was friends with Bramblett and his wife, and would often spend time at their house.

Investigators believe that Bramblett could have been involved in the girl’s disappearances. At a party in 1980, it is reported that he told friends he wished he did not “hurt Tammy” back in 1977. Bramblett said he was drunk when he made that statement, and that he was misinterpreted.

To add to this, Bramblett was charged with molesting a ten-year-old girl in 1984, but was later acquitted. Tammy’s older sister came forward and said that Bramblett molested her when she was younger, and she believes that he was doing the same to Tammy.

In 1994, Bramblett was convicted of murdering a family of four in Virginia and was sentenced to death. He was executed in April 2003.

Up until his death, Bramblett denied having anything to do with Tammy and Angela’s disappearances and instead said that Tammy died in a bonfire in Central Florida in 1980, and that police know about it and are trying to cover it up. There is no evidence to support this theory.

Bramblett also has a lot of internet supporters who think that he is being wrongly accused, and instead believe that Tammy and Angela left Roanoke of their own free will that day.

Earl Bramblett

Authorities managed to dig up the yard Bramblett lived in at the time of the disappearance, but they found nothing. The current owners of the house denied officers permission to search the rest of the house, meaning they were unable to search the basement where they believe the girls are buried.

Several months after the girl’s disappearance, one of the girl’s mothers received a phone call from someone claiming to be their daughter, and said that they were “all right.” The two girls were also allegedly seen in a grocery store in the months after they had vanished, but this has never been confirmed.

More recently, Angela’s DNA was discovered along a river valley. This discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that Angela is dead, as no human remains belonging to her have been found. Tammy’s DNA or body has also never been discovered.

Tammy Akers Missing Poster
Angela Rader Missing Poster


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