Maura Murray

Born on the 4th of May 1982 in Brockton, Massachusetts, Maura Murray is the youngest daughter of Fred and Laurie Murray.

Maura excelled both academically and physically, consistently finishing in the top tiers of runners in the state of Massachusetts. She graduated top of her class from Whitman-Hanson Regional High School and decided to join her sister Julie at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Whilst Maura continued to achieve success at the Military Academy, during her second year at the academy she decided to transfer to the University of Massachusetts in Amherst to start a career in nursing.

Maura Murray. Credit: Oxygen

On the morning of February 9th, 2004, Maura submitted her nursing homework through a computer and emailed her professors stating that there had been a death in the family and that she would leave campus for a week. However, there had not been any deaths in her family.

Maura placed a call to the owner of a condominium in Bartlett, New Hampshire. The condominium was a special place to Maura, and she had spent time there in the past. Maura packed a bag with clothes, toiletries, make-up and school books.

3:15pm that afternoon Maura withdrew $280, nearly all the money she had, at an off-campus ATM. She then went to a liquor store and brought $40 worth of alcohol. Authorities say that she left the Amherst area at 4:30pm that day, and did not tell anyone why she was travelling to New Hampshire.

Maura Murray. Credit: Oxygen

At 7:27pm that evening, a resident of Haverhill, New Hampshire, called police and stated that there had been an accident and that a car was stuck in a ditch. Not long after this, bus driver Butch Atwood drove past and spoke to Maura. He offered her any assistance and offered to call the police. Maura declined, saying that she had already called the AAA. Butch knew there was no signal in this area, so drove home (100 yards east of the accident) and called the police from there.

Butch’s 911 call was placed at 7:42pm. The first officer arrived on the scene at 7:46pm, but by that time, Maura was gone. The officer noted that the car had been locked, and there was a box of red wine behind the driver’s seat. There were stains on the ceiling and door, as well as a coke bottle that appeared to have red liquid in it.

The officer asked Butch to search west of the accident scene, and some of the roads in the French Pond area. A state trooper also searched the roads to the west of the accident site and firefighters briefly attended the scene, but then drove back west to the station. As far as anyone knows, no one searched east of the accident scene.

Butch Atwood’s conversation with Maura is the last known sighting of her. There has been no activity on her mobile phone or bank cards, and no sightings of her.

Maura Murray’s family started an official blog about her disappearance that you can read here.

Maura’s sister, Julie, also has an official TikTok where she will share information and updates about her sister’s case. You can follow her here.

If you have any information about Maura’s disappearance, please contact the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit at (603) 223-3648.

Maura Murray. Credit: WGME
Maura Murray Missing Poster. Credit:


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    Tarot of the Missing

    Hopefully the answers on what happened to her come soon.


    1. I hope so to, her family & Maura herself deserve justice and answers.

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