Melanie Jo Melanson

Melanie Jo Melanson was born on the 1st November, 1974 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

At the time of her disappearance, Melanie was living with her grandmother, but remaining in close contact with her parents. Melanie was a freshman, and was looking forward to a change of High Schools.

27th October, 1989, Melanie who was 14, was asked to go to a party. Melanie and a friend left school early and decided to head home. Once at home, Melanie told her grandmother that she was staying at a friends house that night as a cover story to go to the party.

The party was being held in a patch of woods, close to an industrial park. Melanie was the youngest guest there, and she went to the party with a group of 5 male friends.

The party did not end until the early hours of the morning, and no-one who knew Melanie saw or heard her return from the party.

Melanie Melanson

On the afternoon of the 28th October, her family discovered that she had attended the party. They frantically started to call people who had been to the party. After they could not locate Melanie, her family contacted the police.

Initially, the police thought Melanie had run away to Florida, as she had run away in the past. But after a huge search for Melanie, including helicopters, dogs and several digs, they suspected foul play. No trace of Melanie was ever found in the search, and to this day no trace of her has ever been found.

Sadly, her parents and grandmother have all passed away without knowing what happened to their daughter/grand-daughter.

In 2009, police offered a $5,000 reward for information on the case. In 2012, a doctor involved in the case has used a new science called Decomposition Odour Analysis (DOA) to help find Melanie.

Credit: NBC News


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