Margaret Ellen Fox

Margaret Ellen Fox was born on 4th February, 1960.

On 24th June, 1974, Margaret was 14 years old, and lived in Burlington, New Jersey. That evening, she was planning to go to High and West Broad Streets in Mount Holly, New Jersey. She was planning to have an interview with a man who called himself “John Marshall” about some babysitting work.

Margaret’s sister accompanied her to the bus stop, and watched as she got on the bus. Witnesses then saw Margaret near Mill and High Streets in Mount Holly after she got off the bus. These were the last times anyone saw her.

Margaret Ellen Fox

Margaret had advertised for a babysitting job in the local newspaper, which is how “John Marshall” got in contact with her on 19th June. “John Marshall” said that he needed a babysitter for the following weekend, and after putting off meeting a few times, he finally agreed to meet Margaret. He said he would be in a red Volkswagon.

“John Marshall” gave Margaret a phone number to reach him on, however this was traced to a public phone booth in Lumberton, New Jersey.

In the following hours after Margaret was reported missing, police started recording all incoming/outgoing phone calls from Margaret’s home. One phone call came from a man who said: “$10,000 might be a lot of bread, but your daughter’s life is the buttered topping.” Even after the phone call was released publicly, the man’s identity is still unknown.

You can listen to the phone call below.

Phone Call. Credit: FBI

It has been 46 years since Margaret disappeared. Nor Margaret or “John Marshall”, which is suspected to be a false name, have been seen or heard from since. The FBI are still investigating this case, and remain hopeful that one day it will be solved.

There was a confession in 1976 regarding her disappearance, and although it was widely publicised, police discovered that the confession was just a hoax.

Will the man in the phone call ever be identified? If he is, this could be a major breakthrough in the case, and one step closer to bringing Margaret, and her family, some closure and justice.

FBI Missing Person Poster


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