Jeremy Doland Bright

Jeremy Doland Bright was born on the 25th May, 1972 in Maryland, Baltimore, US.

In August, 1986, 14 year old Jeremy was staying in Myrtle Point, Oregon, with his stepfather and younger sister, S’te (pronounced es-tee).

On Wednesday, 13th August 1986, Jeremy went to the Coos County fair with his friend, Johnny Fish. He also called his mother, Diane, from a payphone and asked her to pick him and his sister up on August 15th. On the same day, he also went to a tavern owned by his grandmother, and was given some money to use at the fair the next day. This was the last time he was seen by his stepfather and grandmother.

On Thursday, 14th August 1986, Jeremy attended the Coos County fair again. This time, he took S’te. At around 2pm, the pair went on different rides but had agreed to meet up at 5pm near the Ferris Wheel. Sadly, Jeremy never met his sister.

The next day, 15th August 1986, Jeremy’s mother, Diane, came to his stepfather’s house in Myrtle Point to pick Jeremy and S’te up, as arranged. Inside the house, Diane found Jeremy’s wallet, watch and keys. After Jeremy did not appear to any of his family that day, Diane called the police.

Jeremy Doland Bright

Initially, the police suspected foul play in Jeremy’s case. However, after a week of searching, the police announced that due to a number of sightings they no longer thought that Jeremy had met with foul play. Sightings of Jeremy were reported as late as the 16th and 17th of August. Also, several individuals including Jeremy’s sister, S’te, saw Jeremy being “forcibly removed” from the fairground by the ferris wheel by a man between 1-1:30pm on the 14th August.

At the time of Jeremy’s disappearance, there were several rumours going around as to what might have happened to him.

One was that Jeremy, who had a heart murmur, attended a party where he drank a beer which was laced with an illegal drug. This led him to fatally overdose.

Another rumour came from an anonymous tip through a prison inmate, said that Jeremy had been accidentally shot to death by a group of argumentative men at a local swimming hole in Coquille River.

An additional rumour is that Jeremy was accidentally shot during target practice, and that those responsible did try to nurse his wounds at a remote cabin, but sadly he did not survive. The tipster then said that his body was buried in the forest nearby. Police did search the cabin and area, but they never found any body, or any sign that Jeremy had ever been there.

Cecelia Fish, the sister of Jeremy’s friend Johnny Fish, said that on the night of Jeremy’s disappearance she witnessed a unknown male resident of her apartment block stumble into the entryway, covered in blood.

The police searched several wells in the Myrtle Point area after a tip came in during mid-August 1986 claiming that Jeremy’s body was in a well. This tip proved to be unhelpful, as Jeremy’s body was not found. Another unhelpful tip given to police was: “follow a road to a concrete bridge in western Nebraska”.

Investigators were led to Florida, where a young man named Jeremy Bright was heard to be, but it was determined that it was not the Jeremy they were looking for – instead it was a man from Colorado with the same name.

Some accounts state that Jeremy was last seen in the back of a truck belonging to Terry Lee Steinhoff. Steinhoff used to babysit Jeremy when he was young. Police considered Steinhoff a potential suspect because a week after Unsolved Mysteries aired Jeremy’s programme, Steinhoff was arrested for a murder. Steinhoff died in 2007, in prison, after a heroin overdose.

Jeremy is believed to be deceased by his family, and in 2011 they held a memorial service for him.

As of 2021, Jeremy is still missing. His body has never been found, and nobody has seen or heard from him since 1986.

What happened to Jeremy?

Jeremy Bright’s missing poster


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