Suzy Jane Lamplugh

Susannah Jane Lamplugh was born in Cheltenham, England, on the 3rd May, 1961.

In 1986, Suzy was working as an estate agent for Sturgis Estate Agents, in Fulham, London.

Suzy was reported missing on the 28th July, 1986. She was reported missing after she had attended an appointment with someone and did not come back. The only clue that was left behind was in Suzy’s office diary, in which she had written “12:45 Mr Kipper – 37 Shorrolds O/S”. The “O/S” stood for outside the property.

Witnesses did report seeing a woman who matched Suzy’s description talk with a man on Shorrolds road, before getting into a car. Suzy;s white Ford Fiesta (Reg: B396 GAN) was found the same night, outside of a property for sale in Stevenage Road, Fulham, which was approximately 0.5 miles (0.80km) away from where she was last seen. Her handbrake was on, car key missing and police found Suzy’s purse inside a storage pocket.

Suzy Jane Lamplugh

It was suggested by police that a left-hand drive BMW vehicle may have been involved as eyewitness reports described a car, matching that of a BMW, that was seen at the same location where Suzy’s car was found.

The police thought that “Mr Kipper” was actually pronounced the dutch way “Kuiper”, but they were never able to find anyone who had that name who was connected to Suzy. It wasn’t until 2019 that a former detective suggested that “Mr Kipper” might have been a cover story, or a fake name.

Police did test the DNA of over 800 bodies and remains, but none were a match to Suzy. Her parents declared her legally dead in 1993, with the assumption that she had been murdered. Investigations in 1998 and 2000 also failed to find Suzy, or bring up any new leads.

In the TV Show “In The Footsteps of a Killer”, Criminologist David Wilson theorised that the killer, John Cannan, had disposed of Suzy’s body in the River Brent. John Cannan had already killed one woman, Shirley Banks, in Bristol, and was arrested for “knife-point assault” just a few weeks afterwards. Cannan is currently serving three life sentences for Shirley’s murder, the attempted kidnapping of Julie Holman the night before the murder, and a rape of a woman the year before. He is eligible for parole in 2022.

John Cannan has denied having anything to do with Suzy’s murder, and police have never been able to find any evidence or connection that links him to the crime. Cannan is still, however, the prime suspect in the case. It was even claimed that Cannan’s nickname in prison was “Kipper.”

The police searched Cannan’s mother’s former house, even dismantling the garage, but no evidence was ever found.

Despite numerous searches over the years, Suzy’s body has never been found.

Suzy’s parents, Diane and Paul, set up the Suzy Lamplugh Foundation in December 1986, with the aim of raising awareness of personal safety through training and various projects, and to help people avoid becoming victims of aggression. The Trust also offers counselling and support to relatives and friends of people who have disappeared. They also run the UK’s National Stalking Hotline.

Diane and Paul have both passed away, without ever knowing what happened to their daughter.

Will Suzy’s body ever be found? And will the person who did this ever face justice?

Suzy Jane Lamplugh


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