Robin Ann Graham

Robin Ann Graham was born on the 22nd June, 1952 in Los Angeles, America. She was the daughter of Marvin and Beverly Graham, and had grown up on Lemoyne Street in the Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles. In June 1970, Robin had graduated from John Marshall High School and was attending college at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. Robin was also working part-time at Pier 1 Imports in Hollywood.

At approximately 2am on 15th November, 1970, Robin, 18 at the time, was seen by California Highway Patrol officers. She was on the shoulder of the southbound Hollywood Freeway, where her car had run out of gas. Earlier in the night, Robin has used a callbox to ask a patrol officer to let her parents know that she had run out of gas. This information was given to Robin’s younger sister, who then relayed the information to Robin’s parents when they arrived home at 2:30am. When her parents got to the site, Robin was nowhere to be seen. Her car was locked, and there was no note on the car.

Robin Ann Graham

Highway Patrol officers had spoken to Robin previously, but they stopped once they saw a dark-haired white male was with Robin. The male was estimated to be in his mid-twenties, about 5″8′ (172cm) and he drove a late 1950s model Chevrolet Corvette C1, pale blue or green with primer. The mas was wearing bell-bottom trousers and a white turtleneck. The patrol officers assumed that the man with Robin was the help that she had called for, and did not speak to her, or the man. This man has never been identified.

At the time, the patrol officers were acting in line with policy. However, after this case went public, the California Highway Patrol changed their policy to ensure the safety of stranded female motorists.

Robin had been out with her friends the night before, and after dropping off one of her girlfriends, Robin was dropped off herself in the Pier 1 imports car park at around 1:45am. Her car then ran out of gas, and she was stranded on the shoulder of the southbound Hollywood Freeway.

Initially, it was reported that Robin had left in the Corvette voluntarily, but after being questioned the Highway Patrol officer who made that report admitted that he saw Robin in the company of the man, but he did not see them leave together.

Robin’s case was handled by the Rampart Division of the LAPD, and they thought that her case was linked to three other disappearances that had happened over the past 2 years. Rose Tashman, a student, disappeared after having a flat tyre on the Hollywood Freeway, just a few miles away from where Robin was last seen. Cindy Lee Mellin, whose car was also found with a flat tyre, disappeared on 20th January 1970. None of this women have ever been found.

The Los Angeles Times did a newspaper article in 1987 about the disappearance, and one women wrote in and said that had also been stranded on the road, and that a man in a Corvette approached her, claiming to be an off-duty detective, and offered her a ride home. The women denied the ride home, and it is unknown if this was the same man who approached Robin.

In 1987, an Ad appeared in the Los Angeles Times, that read:

Dearest Robin,

You ran out of gas on a Hollywood Freeway. A man in a corvette pulled over to help. You’ve not been seen since. You’ve been missing 17 years, but it’s always just yesterday.

Still looking for you,


This Ad was later found to be by Al Medrano, a friend who was still living in the neighbourhood. He simply wanted to put the Ad out so that he could express that Robin had not been forgotten.

As of 2021, Robin’s case remains open but unresolved. Sadly, both of her parents have passed away without knowing what happened to their daughter, and it seems as though we will never get any real closure to this case.

Who was the man with Robin that night? Is Robin’s disappearance linked to those of other girls’, or was this something different? And why, after 50 years, are we still no closer to finding Robin?

Robin Ann Graham in her High School Graduation Picture


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