Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann

Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann are 2 young boys from Singapore who went missing in 1986, both aged 12. The fast-food company McDonald’s offered a huge reward to help the investigation, and because of this, the case is famously dubbed the “McDonald’s Boys’ Case”.

14th May, 1986. Toh Hong Huat asked his mother if he could go to school on his own that day as he was meeting a friend. Toh’s mother, Madam Tan Geok Guan, noted that this was unusual for Toh as he was timid and liked his mother’s company in public. Madam Tan assumed that Toh would be meeting his good friend, Keh Chin Ann, and let him go. This was the last time Toh was seen.

On the 14th May, 1986, Keh Chin Ann left Owen Primary School at around 12:30pm to go shopping. Keh Chin left his school bag with another friend to collect once he had returned. Keh Chin never collected his bag.

Once Toh and Keh did not attend their next class, the police were called. A huge search began immediately, and neighbourhoods close to the school were combed for days. Posters of the boys faces were plastered throughout Singapore, the media coverage was nonstop, all in the hopes that someone would come forward and the boys would be found.

Sadly, this never happened.

Madam Tan Geok Guan next to her sons’ missing poster.

On the 27th August, 1986 a tip came in. The tip said that boys had been spotted on Pulau Ubin, an island that is just northeast of Singapore. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) sent nearly 100 officers to Pulau Ubin, splitting them up into 24 sections and smaller teams to thoroughly search the island. The search did not find any leads.

On the 3rd September, 1986, Keh Cheng Pan, who is the father of Keh Chin Ann, received a phone call. The stress of the “nasty” phone call triggered Keh Cheng Pan to have a stroke. He does not remember the phone call, and instead remembers feeling “pale, and giddy” as he became weak.

Madam Tan Geok Guan said that she also received a call on the same night.She said: “The caller was a man who spoke in Hokkien. He said that I should not hope for my sons return.”

Both families offered a $1,000 reward for anyone who could give them their son’s locations. This reward grew to $20,000 by September 1986, with the families saying they had no other option than to raise the reward.

The Managing Director of McDonald’s in Singapore, Robert Kwan, announced that McDonald’s would be offering $100,000 for any information on the 2 boys. The reward, and missing posters publicing the 2 boys, were displayed in McDonald’s restaurants across Singapore.

It is unlikely that they ran away, as both boys were close with their families and were well behaved. Another theory is that Toh’s estranged father, who was separated from Madam Tan at the time of the disappearance, took the boys to Johor Bahru, Malaysia and that they are still there now. It could also be likely that the boys fell victim to a human trafficking syndicate and were taken to Thailand. None of these theories have ever proven to be true, and as of 2021 the whereabouts of the two boys is still unknown.

The boys were 12 years old at the time of their disappearance. If they are still alive today, they would be 47 years old.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann, please contact your local police department.

Toh Hong Huat and Keh Chin Ann


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