Marjorie Christina Luna

Marjorie Christina Luna was born on the 7th of April, 1976. She lived in Greenacres City, Florida.

Marjorie was last seen on the 27th of May 1984 at around 3:00pm. She was seen at the Greenacres Grocery, now known as Belk’s General Store, buying cat food. The shop is located only a few feet from her home, so it is likely that she stayed at the store playing video games until 6:00pm, or she could have gone to a local park after buying the cat food.

Her sister realised that Marjorie was missing when she awoke at 8:30pm. She waited half an hour, and then woke up her mother, who called the police.

Marjorie Christina Luna

Marjorie’s bodysuit that she was wearing on the day of her disappearance was found in a swampy, wooded area close to her home.

The first suspect was Willis Rambo, a man who lived near Marjorie’s home with his brother, Charles “Chuck” Rambo. A witness claimed to have seen Charles give Marjorie money, and it is said that Marjorie visited their house a bunch of times. Their house was searched by police, but they found no evidence that linked them to Marjorie’s disappearance. The brothers were, however, found guilty of molesting Marjorie’s best friend and were both sentenced to 10 years probation. In 1991, Willis was sentenced to four life terms for sexually abusing his two step-daughters, and Charles now lives in Tennessee.

Another suspect was Victor Wonyetye, who was also suspected of the disappearance of Tammy Belanger. Wonyetye was seen outside the store on the day Marjorie vanished, and he lived close to her house. Wonyetye claimed his innocence during both disappearances until he died in December 2012. There was never any physical evidence that linked him to either girl.

Delbert Mosher was also named a suspect in the case in 2010. He lived in the same area as Marjorie at the time of her disappearance and had been arrested three times for child molestation. There was no evidence to connect him to the case, and he died in a Tennessee prison 20 years after Marjorie vanished.

The only other suspect was a man called William Ferris. He lived close to one of Marjorie’s friend’s houses at the time she went missing. The friend was not at home that day, but Marjorie would have had to pass by Ferris’s house to get there.

When questioned about Marjorie, Ferris began by denying even knowing her. He later confessed to police that his wife would sometimes babysit for Marjorie’s friends and that he did know her. Ferris’s wife told police that one day, when Marjorie and her friend were playing together, Ferris said: “one of them is going to disappear someday”. His wife also said that when Marjorie went missing, Ferris said: “she would never be found.” There is no evidence to implicate him in the case, however, he was arrested in Virginia for child molestation.

Marjorie’s parents have since divorced. Neither of them has ever been considered suspects in the case. Marjorie’s mother still lives in the same house and hopes that one day her daughter’s case will have closure.

At the time of writing this, Marjorie has been missing for 37 years.

Marjorie Christina Luna’s Missing Poster


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