Tammy Lynn Leppert

Tammy Lynn Leppert was born on the 5th of February 1965 in Rockledge, Florida, USA. She began participating in beauty contests at the age of 4, and as a child, she competed in almost 300 beauty pageants and took home around 280 crowns.

She was employed primarily as a model throughout her late childhood and appeared on the front cover of CoverGirl magazine in 1978. Just before she disappeared, she starred in a film called Scarface, a 1983 film. Tammy stars as a girl who was a distraction to the lookout car during the bloody chainsaw shower scene. Before that, she also played a participant in a boxing match in the teen movie Spring Break. It is reported that she is also the cover model for the movie poster. Tammy also had a leading role in the movie Cover Girl Behind The Scenes, a movie about herself.

Tammy Lynn Leppert

After the shooting of Spring Break was finished, Tammy reportedly attended a weekend party on her own. She came home from the party “a different person” according to her close friend, Wing Flannagan. During the filming of Scarface, she suddenly returned home just 4 days after the shooting started. Tammy’s mother assumed that she was terrified of being murdered by someone and that she was overcome by this delusion. Because of this, Tammy’s mother took her to see a doctor. But after 72 hours in a medical centre, Tammy was released with a doctor saying there were no signs of drug or alcohol use.

Tammy was last seen on July 6th, 1983 at Cocoa Beach, Florida. She was reported to be wearing a blue denim shirt that was decorated with flowers, along with a matching skirt, a grey purse and sandals. There are conflicting reports about whether she left without shoes or money. A friend of Tammy’s said that he had an argument with her whilst driving her home from Rockledge, Florida and said that he left her in a parking lot. Although he is the least suspected person to have seen Tammy, he is not considered a suspect, even though Tammy’s mother claims she was “afraid” of him.

One theory is that she fell victim to Christopher Bernard Wilder, a serial killer who lured 12 women by posing as a photographer. However, the FBI failed to link Wilder to Tammy’s disappearance. Tammy’s mother did try to sue Wilder’s estate for $1 million, however, the process was halted due to some doubts over whether Wilder actually did kill Tammy.

After Tammy’s disappearance, Cocoa Beach Detective Harold Lewis received two telephone calls from a woman claiming that Tammy was still alive and would make contact when the time was right. In the second call, the woman said that Tammy was doing what she had always wanted to do: go to school to become a nurse.

At the time of her disappearance, Tammy was around 5″0′ and 5″5′ and weighed between 105 to 115 pounds. She had curly blond hair and hazel eyes. It is also speculated that she was 3 months pregnant.

One question that I have to wonder with this case, is why did Tammy’s mum assume she was terrified of being murdered? Had something happened before to make her mum wonder, or was it simply the movie she was working on? Another question – what happened at that weekend party? Why was she a “different person”? What changed? And did the police investigate claims that Tammy was “afraid” of the last person who saw her?

What about the phone calls? Who was the woman who called about Tammy? Did Tammy really go to school to become a nurse, or did something more sinister happen to her? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Tammy Lynn Leppert


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