Laureen Rahn

Laureen Rahn was born April 3rd, 1966 and lived in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.

On the evening of April 26th, 1980, Laureen – who had just turned 14 – was left to stay at home in the residence she shared with her mother, Judith. They lived in a third-floor apartment on Merrimack Street in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Her mother was spending the evening at an out-of-town tennis match with her boyfriend.

That night, Laureen invited one female and one male friend over. The three of them spent the evening drinking beer and wine and chatting.

At some point in the evening, Laureen’s male friend heard voices coming from the hallway. He assumed it was Laureen’s mother returning home and he left the apartment through a back door. He says that he heard Laureen lock the door behind him.

Judith returned home at around 1:15am on April 27th, and found that the lightbulbs on all three of the apartment building’s hallways had been unscrewed, leaving the hallways in total darkness. When Judith arrived at her front door, she found that it was unlocked. Before going to bed, Judith checked Laureen’s room and saw a figure asleep in her bed, assuming it to be her daughter, Laureen.

However, Judith awoke several hours later at around 3:45am and found that it was not Laureen in her bed, but her female friend who had stayed over the night. Her friend said that she had last seen Laureen sleeping on the couch in the living room, and when Judith went to investigate, she found several articles of Laureen’s clothing, including her brand new sneakers, in the living room, and the back door was wide open.

Laureen Rahn

Six weeks after Laureen disappeared, Denise Daneault, a young lady who lived just two blocks away from the Rahn residence went missing from a bar in Manchester. Several years later, police found out that serial killer Terry Peder Rasmussen was living in the area under the name “Bob Evans.” Rasmussen was later charged with killing his wife in 2003, but he died in 2010. It is thought that Rasmussen was responsible for five murders/disappearances, including that of Denise Beaudin, who vanished in Goffstown in 1981 and was never found. It is also thought that he is responsible for the Bear Brook murders, which refers to four female victims found in the Bear Brook State Park between 1985 and 2000. One of those victims was Rasmussen’s biological daughter.

On October 1st, 1980, Judith found that she had been charged for three phone calls from the California area. Judith did not have any friends or family in the area and Laureen did not have any ties to the area either. Two of the phone calls came from a motel in Santa Monica, and the other phone call came from a motel in Santa Ana – this phone call was to a teen sexual assistance hotline.

Detectives got in contact with the doctor who manned the hotline, and for five years he denied having known of the phone call. Then, in 1985, he changed his story and said that a lot of young women and runaways often visited his wife at their home and that one of the girls that visited may have been Laureen Rahn. The doctor also stated that former pornographic star and sex educator Annie Sprinkles, who allegedly knew his wife, might have more information regarding Laureen’s disappearance and those of other runaway girls. The police did investigate, but they were unable to find any evidence that Annie Sprinkles was involved in Laureen’s disappearance.

Throughout 1981, Judith claimed to have received numerous mysterious phone calls from an unknown induvial, which she always received at approximately 3:45am. During these calls, Judith says that the caller never spoke. The phone calls continued for several years after Laureen’s disappearance, and they always increased in frequency during the Christmas holidays. The calls stopped once Judith changed her phone number, several years after Laureen’s disappearance.

In 1986, Judith hired a private investigator. The private investigator visited California and managed to locate the motels from which the 1980 phone calls had come. Local police in Santa Monica stated that one of the motels could have been used as a filming location for a child pornographer known as “Dr Z”, but the police could not link Dr Z to the hotline that was called.

Also in 1986, a childhood friend of Laureen’s, Roger Maurias, received a phone call from a woman named “Laurie” or Laureen. Maurias’s mother answered the phone, and she said that the woman claimed to be Roger’s former girlfriend.

There have only been two sightings of Laureen since her disappearance, and neither has been confirmed. A family friend claims to have seen Laureen at a bus terminal in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1981. In 1988, another witness claimed to have seen a prostitute who matched Laureen’s description in Anchorage, Alaska. Again, both of these sightings have never been confirmed.

Judith remarried and relocated to Florida sometime after the mid-1980s. She believes that it was Laureen who made those three phone calls in October 1980.

The un-named male friend who was with Laureen on the night she disappeared sadly killed himself in 1985, though he was never suspected to have been involved.

Investigators on Laureen’s case say that they suspect foul play is involved.

This case is an incredibly sad, and tragic one. It also raises a lot of questions, such as why were all the light bulbs in the hallway removed? Was it linked to Laureen’s disappearance, or was it just a harmless joke? And those mysterious phone calls made to Judith – were they from Laureen’s captors, or just some sick people playing a hurtful joke?

What do you think happened to Laureen Rahn?

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