Akpan Utuk

Akpan Utuk, a native of Ibibo, joined the Biafran Army in 1967 due to the start of the Nigeran Civil War. Utuk is said to have raised the ranks quickly, and he fought in most of the large-scale battles of the war. Utuk was promoted to colonel and was in command of the Biafran 16th Division to defend the city of Owerri from the oncoming Nigeran Army.

9 months later, after Biafra surrendered to Nigeria, he was last seen at a party in Lagos. This was the last confirmed sighting of Utuk, and this was in early 1970.

This is a complex case, as there is not much information about Akpan Utuk or his disappearance. It is likely that he met with foul play, but a body has never been found.

Sadly, it is unlikely we will ever know what happened to Akpan Utuk, due to the lack of information surrounding his case.

Akpan Utuk


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