Lars Mittank

On June 30th, 2014, Lars Mittank and some of his friends travelled to Varna, Bulgaria. They were staying at Golden Sands, a seaside resort just outside the city of Varna.

On July 6th, 2014, Lars and his friends were at a bar in town, and Lars got into a disagreement with some other German nationals over football. After the disagreement, Lars parted from his friends for the rest of the night and wasn’t seen by his friends until the following morning.

On the morning of July 7th, when he saw his friends, Lars claimed that he had been beaten up by four men who had been hired by the group he fell out with over football the night before.

The fight resulted in Lars having an injured jaw, and a ruptured eardrum. Lars did go to see a doctor, and the doctor advised him not to fly due to his injury and prescribed him the antibiotic Cefprozil (500mg). It was later found out that Lars had not taken any of the antibiotics prescribed to him.

As Lars was unable to fly home at the same time as his friends, they wanted to stay with him so they could all fly home together. However, Lars insisted that his friends fly home as intended, so they did.

Lars checked out of Golden Sands at the same time as his friends and then checked into the Hotel Color Varna.

One day after his friends had left, Lars began to act oddly. Hotel security cameras even caught his odd behaviour on camera. During his one night at the hotel, he called his mother at around midnight and said that she needed to cancel his credit cards. After the phone call, Lars can be seen on the hotel security camera pacing up and down the hallway, ducking into an elevator and at around 1am, he left the hotel for about an hour. No one knows where he went during this time.

Lars Mittank. Credit: New Zealand Mysteries

At around 3am the same night, he calls his mum again but this time he is terrified. He is speaking in a whisper and tells his mum that 4 men are coming after him and they are going to kill him. His mum said she could hear the terror in his voice and knew that Lars was genuinely terrified. After this phone call, Lars began texting his mum and asking her about the antibiotic he had been described, although he was texting about it as if he had no clue why he had it.

On July 8th, Lars arrived at the airport via taxi service. The man in the taxi with Lars would later say that Lars’s pupils were heavily dilated and that he was acting “odd”. Nevertheless, Lars made it to the airport and texted his mum saying he had arrived at the terminal. His mum texted back and said that he should go to see the airport doctor, just to get his ear checked one more time. It is likely, though, that Lars’s mother just wanted a health professional to see her son as for the last 12 hours he had been acting so out of character.

Lars agreed and went to see the airport doctor. The airport doctor examined Lars and said that his ear looked fine, but the doctor could tell that he was paranoid about something. Lars was fidgety and nervous and then, a construction worker came into the doctor’s office. Lars saw this construction worker, dropped everything he had and started yelling “I don’t want to die,” and sprinted out of the airport.

There is video footage at the end of this article that shows Lars running out of the airport.

Lars Mittank, 2013. Credit: Wikipedia

Since his disappearance, there has only been 1 unconfirmed sighting of him by a trucker who didn’t have much information but said that he picked up a guy walking barefoot near a road, and when looking at the news said that the guy he picked up looked a lot like Lars Mittank.

There are a couple of theories as to what happened to Lars. The first is that he suffered psychosis as a side effect of taking the antibiotic. The issue with this theory is that Lars never filled his prescription, so he never actually took the antibiotic that was prescribed to him. Another issue is that even if he had taken the antibiotic, it was so commonly prescribed that psychosis as a side result is incredibly rare, less than 1%. So while it is possible, it is highly unlikely.

Another theory is that Lars suffered a traumatic brain injury during the fight, however, it is unlikely that a head injury would have presented itself so quickly and so aggressively. It usually takes a couple of days for your behaviour to change, and is rare that your behaviour would change so rapidly and erratically.

It has also been discussed that despite having no history of mental health issues, the fight that Lars got into triggered a psychotic break. While others think that he just ran off to start a new life.

Lars would be 34 years old at the time of this article. He has been missing for over 6 years.

Lars Mittank. Credit: Dark Tales


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2 responses to “Lars Mittank”

  1. Dear Kelly,

    I have a theory in this case.
    Lars seemed paranoid and to be acting strangely shortly after the disagreement with German nationals in the bar in Varna.
    It’s possible that during this altercation his drink could have been spiked.
    If this was a line of enquiry that was investigated and later dismissed, I have not heard it discussed and If it could open up further lines of enquiry I hope the relevant authorities can look into it.

    Best Regards,
    S. Laing.


    1. Hi S. Laing,

      That is a really credible theory. I’m not sure if the authorities did look into this line of enquiry, but I for sure hope that they did.

      Thank you for reading,


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